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A questionnaire about what place I want to go to date with my lover or spouse in winter when I share, which develops internet marketing,Regardless of sex and age, the most popular was "day trip hot spring"It seems that it was. Other than that, I ranked in the top five such as "Theme park" and "Aquarium", but I feel that it is somewhat a winter date plan just by saying "hot spring."

On the other hand, the slopes that can be said to be winter staple are third overall, but the vote rate is less than half compared with the day-trip hot springs, and the dates calmer slower than active dating are preferred You can see.

If you are suffering from a date plan, it may be nice to heal them slowly using hot springs as well.

So, tomorrowDecember 11. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on December 11th one year ago.

I'd like to experience it once in my lifetime I ordered a "roasted barbecue" and tried it everyday - GIGAZINE

Astronomical observations reveal that Christmas is June 17 - GIGAZINE

What is unable to endure even invincible Star Mario - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Delusions Christmas - Delusion Power Challenging with Full Expansion Twink Strategy Scenario Game - - SPECIAL - Yorukoyoruta(Game that chose one from among "Memories," my selling salesman "," silent patissier "," mysterious younger wonderland "" de s company's boss ", and delusing how to spend Christmas)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Lee Byung-hun 150 million yen required dating women's tour - culture(Hallyu, entertainment, Lee Byung Hun stated to appeal to legal means as "there is no fact that I did something that took disapproval")

"Fifth favorite male announcer ranking" Announcer Shinichiro Azumi enters the Hall of Fame with five consecutive victories! News - Orikon ranking of career change, dispatch · career ranking(Note, it seems that only Fuji TV Kabuto Shinichi Ana is floating in the top 3)

Hiko-nyan "Abeachai" Suzuki retirement of tears: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Yuru Character, planned to serve mochi)

Unfortunately when married next year! Is it? "Running marriage" is rapidly increasing in China - MSN Sankei News(Overseas, according to the lunar calendar (lunar calendar) next year is said to be "widowy year", and there seems to be a legend that the wife who got married this year precedes her husband)

Yubari production melon pans flower garden ranch full production of 10,000 pieces a day - Hokkaido Shimbun [Hokaido](Meal, Meronpan jointly developed by Hotel Mount Racey and Yuhua Flower Field in Yubari)

Avex ex-manager who threw away the mobile phone of Oshio's real face - men's saiseau(It seems that entertainment, sense of responsibility was strong and faithful to work, and this case became an obstacle to this case)

V.a. (Western music): The best selling Christmas songs / top 10 / BARKS news in the past 10 years UK(Music, Wam's "Last Christmas", which is also a standard in Japan, ranked in number 7)

I want to manage to become heavier as I am watching the net for a long time with Firefox. : Tell me, you .net(Memo, effective use of add-on "AFOM Plus" which releases memory of Firefox at every specified interval)

Information of "Rockman 10" is released for the first time in overseas magazines! Nintendo's series latest work - Game * Spark(Game, Rockman 9 is distributed on PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE, so it will be "titled exclusively for download as Rockman 9").

Discovering "grammatical rules" in monkey crying | WIRED VISION(Evidence was found that science could create a new message semantically linking different barks from Campbell Monkey living in a rainforest in Africa)

Business Media Makoto: Current situation of appointment of "character" to change advertisement scene (1/4)(7.5% of the CMs who appointed memos and characters, more than half of them appointed original characters)

Impact of "child allowance" found by first trial calculation! "Gaining family" "Failing family" is different here | News & amp; Analysis | Diamond Online(Process for returning to society, "state of mature human being able to grasp as it is")

Is the company crushed? : Nikkei Business Online(A newcomer who joined the company after being hired by a job advertisement that was compiled by a "white lie" who does not deliberately tell me important things loses the motivation after joining the company and loses the motivation or belonging sense of belonging It can not be obtained)

Too much clean environment in childhood enhances disease risk after adults International research news: AFPBB News(Depending on science, the living environment in childhood, the concentration of C reactive protein in blood after adult will vary)

A person's experiences that have been caught by cheating: Alfalfa Mosaic - 2 Channels Summary Blog(Note, some people came to a miserable end, others made a campe but some people stayed on the scene)

■ How to write a motivation for motivation to pass - [change job] All About(Do not confuse job change, desired motivation and self PR)

"Tama Hyo" 2009 Baby naming ranking - [Pregnancy / childbirth preparation] All About(Memo, popularity concentrates on names that boys included "Yu" "Tai" "Large" "Sky", Girls "Ku" "Yu")

Christmas gift for man's wilt - [Kuno Kuno](Love, the answer "I do not need" to 2nd place of "Receiving gifted Christmas gift ranking" is coming, and men tend to place emphasis on "Who and how to spend Christmas"

"What will happen if a new tower is made?" "Terrestrial digital required keyword 12" that can not be heard right now - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Broadcasting, digital TV introduction rather than terrestrial digital broadcasting)

Twitter domestic UU, more than 2 million PV is ten times in half a year - ITmedia News(Note, the number of unique users in September this year exceeded 2.5 million)

"Walking route guide" on Google Maps Also compatible with Android, iPhone, docomo Mobile - ITmedia + D Mobile(It is also possible to search for traveling routes including network services, changing trains)

Apple Deleted Mass Deleted iPhone App with Fraud Review Posting - ITmedia News(Note, 1011 applications will be deleted as Chinese software developer Molinker illegally reviews)

Probability of the new "iPhone" to be released at Verizon is 70% - Analyst forecast: News Clip - CNET Japan(It is predicted that the time when the move to mobile release of the new iPhone will begin from about mid 2010)

TV and Blu-ray simultaneous buyers increased by 30% at eco point - Brand Research Institute survey: News - CNET Japan(Economy, still the Blu-ray ownership rate is low, but there are many people who want to purchase)

"Dumpling King", 28 consecutive victories in November sales increase | YUCASEE MEDIA (Yukashimedia) | Comprehensive information site to stimulate superlatives(Memo, though the customer unit price fell slightly, the number of customers exceeding it slightly exceeded the same month of the previous year)

Overnight troupe & queue too! Docomo x Q-pot. "Chocolate Mobile" sold out on the first day of release - Tokyo Walker(Mobile, will be instantly "phantom mobile phone")

What is the difference between earphone and headphone sound? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Although the sound quality is better for headphones, the earphones are more portable than convenience in that hardware, units and casings are less likely to produce loud or bass sounds)

Abortion acts for girls junior high school students Dispatch of Japan dispatched director arrested (Society) - Sponichi Annex news(I know that it is a society, junior high school student and act indecently)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): "Damaged accident" also in the dinosaur days? If it is 4 legs "Inner ring difference" - Science(In science, predicting that there was "an inner ring difference" in which the rear leg passed through the inside of the front leg when the large dinosaur turned, predicted that there was also a "rolling accident" similar to a car)

Konami requests deletion on Web site using 'Love plus' character - Slashdot · Japan(Users who condemn Konami "How to do it is dirty" as well)

Pana, Sanyo's TOB formation ... Acquisition amount 403 billion yen: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Economy, the largest domestic huge electric machinery group is born)

Soaring international prices of agricultural products The first time in 24 years for cocoa, the highest in sugar 28 years NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(The price of food and orange juice has risen by 80% from the beginning of the year)

Subway Sarin: former parliament executive, To Injo's death penalty decision - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(The trial, the biggest issue was the evaluation of the role played by Inoue defendant, but it is a judgment heavily viewed as a "general coordinator" between executives and executives)

Theft with "Acho" 200 million yen 1 Criminal charge in 12 prefectures Police arrested police punished five people(Society, a crime such as plunging into a precious metal shop which is closed)

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