Willcom denies the report "Utilizing the Corporate Rehabilitation Law" and calls users and others that there is no impact

On September 24, 2009, in order to establish a revenue base to continue business revitalization and PHS service and to fundamentally improve the financial structure, we requested the Business Revitalization Workers Association " Willcom, which was officially applied for the procedure of Specified Certified Dispute Resolution Procedure (Business Revitalization ADR)Switch to rebuilding using public institutions to make early rehabilitationIn the press report that utilizing the corporate reorganization law was done in today.

However, WILLCOM has announced comments calling for the fact that users and others are not affected after denying this report.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM to rebuild by rehabilitation method · SOFTBANK and coordination business - latest news: IT-PLUS

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, WILLCOM is aiming for rebuilding by utilizing the corporate reorganization law, and it seems that WILLCOM has entered final adjustment with the corporate revitalization support organization of public institutions and SoftBank who ask for support.

Although we have been making rebuilding plans with transaction financial institutions etc., adjustment is difficult, and in order to ensure the transparency of the procedure while continuing the PHS service and to pursue drastic reconstruction, the court by legal arrangement Those who received that judgment that involvement is indispensable.

WILLCOM is supposed to utilize the legal arrangement method of "pre-package (preconditioning) type" applying for corporate rehabilitation organization and application of rehabilitation law on the premise of SOFTBANK's support, and this method is also used for reconstruction of Japan Airlines It is said that it is being used.

In addition, WILLCOM is "a speculated article by the press and the contents reported are not the ones we announced from our company," in response to this report, and we are keenly coordinating with the various parts to establish the ADR procedure We are progressing, "Please be assured that there will be no impact on customers who have used our service, as well as dealers and manufacturers, etc.It is said.

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