Picture of Coyote who frozen in the way of running while running out because it was too cold

It's frozen as if time is stoppedCoyoteIt is a picture. Probably, on the way to running, it seems that it was too cold and frozen as it was. To what extent is the cold around here always freezing even in wild animals living outside?

Details are as below.
Coyote Found Frozen Dead In His Tracks, Literally | Knuckles United

It seems like the animals are running around in the snow.

Looking a little closer, apparently it does not seem to be moving.

It seems as if I cut off a moving moment, but time is completely stopped.

Looking up, snow is piled up to the bottom of the chin.

Place is USA, Colorado Silt. It seems that the cause is that the temperature has fallen to minus 28 degrees. I can not help feeling the fear of nature.

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