Preparation for the appearance of mobile phones that can listen to terrestrial digital broadcasting as it is started

Since its launch in April 2006, the spread has started mainly with high-end model mobile phones, now it is one segment broadcasting that even the entry model has been increasing, but since the resolution of one-segment broadcasting is low, There was a disadvantage that images are roughly reflected on mobile phones with high resolution liquid crystal.

However, it seems that preparations for the appearance of mobile phones that can receive such terrestrial digital broadcasting as it is, which solves such problems, have started.

Details are as below. (Asahi Shimbun): Preparing for the release of "Full Seg Mobile" Copy countermeasures Private Nomikuni and NHK - Business · Economics

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, in addition to One Seg, in preparation for the launch of "Full Seg" mobile phones that can watch high-definition terrestrial digital broadcasting as it is, the commercial broadcaster, an industry organization composed of private television stations and radio stations Japan People's Broadcasting Union) together with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) started to consider introducing copy control software.

Terrestrial digital broadcasting currently limits the number of times of reception and copying by using a dedicated "B-CAS card" to be inserted in a TV or a tuner, but in mobile phones, control is completed only with software and costs are reduced It is said that it intends to lower, and the TBS and NHK will consult with the government and manufacturers.

By the way, according to the following link, the terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan is divided into 13 "segments" of one channel, and it is a thing which bundled several, and transmitted video, data, voice etc.

And while normal high-vision broadcasting called "Full Seg" (resolution: 1440 × 1080) uses 12 segments, one-segment broadcasting operated for mobile devices and the like uses one segment And the resolution is 320 × 240 or 320 × 180.

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