Hairstyle with a doll head wearing model

It is an image and movie shot of the appearance of a hair show where a model wearing a huge doll head appears.

This is the Australian beautician Jayne Wild says "Glamor Hair Expo 2009In performance I went with a huge dollhead wearing a wig that Jayne designed, and wore a model.

It is a feeling that it is "dolls" by any chance with eyes, but there are dollheads that have only one body seen somewhere.

Details are from the following.
ENORMOUS DOLL HEADS that you can can WEAR! With fluttery eyelids !! Cool! - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS

Doll head before putting on wig. It's pretty creepy if you put it in a dark place.

I put a wig on the doll head.

Doll head with black hair long wigs.

Doll head model that appeared in the show.

Black hair long model coordinates with whole body black

It really looks like a huge doll.

Japanese style beauty. Head size and eyes feel like Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

You can see the movie that models models wearing a doll head at "Glamor Hair Expo 2009" from below. Doll head is about 1 min 22 sec.
YouTube - Jayne Wild's Recession Glamor Hair Expo 2009 Part 3

By the way, Jayne left up to the finalists, but I regretly seemed to have missed the prize.

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