E3 cosplayer & companion etc. which is completely different from Japanese atmosphere

To the dazzling blonde and black eyes that are sucked into exotic brown skin, the world's largest game eventE3I photographed beautiful woman beautiful girls gathered and unique participants.

The impression of a typical American beautyFordThe companion who was in the booth.

Energy drink "NOSA woman who was giving out.

Mario & amp; Level 2 The pair that is seen as a general participant who dressed as Luigi is a level that can be said to be perfect match with the real thing.

Peripheral equipment manufacturer'sNykoAll of the companion wear red hair wigs.

Dressed as men shouting the end of the world "Resident Evil 6Two people to do promotion.

Too real.

When it was sandwiched between these two people was seriously "I thought it was early ... my death was also ..." level.

Only the back appearance is properly advertised.

To neutralize the concentration of the two above, the other was a wonderful woman with a smile.

The main character of Little Big Planet 'Libbit'

Alien's huge figure.

LA-based ice hockey team "Los Angeles KingsThree people dressed in costumes.

The male shirt that made a mysterious covering is written as "ALL YOUR BALLS ARE BELONG TO US.".

Mystery costume.

A woman with impressive redhead and sharp eyes.

"Devil May Cry"Paul dancer who was inside the booth.

NVIDIATwo people who were in the booth.

IGNThe booth members wear pink hats and shirts, and big glasses.

Friendly zombie who attacked me not to ask again.

Retro costumes "World of WarplanesPromotion of ".

GREE's "Wacky Motors"The booth looks like this.It is cool and cool..

High tension that turns the chainDragon arcA woman in the booth.

The companion who was at the GREE booth said "COME PLAY" in his chest.

Provide online gamesWeMade onlineThe companion of Mr. is as follows.

Star TrekIt's costume.

"End Of NationsTwo people who were at the booth.

"LOLLIPOP CHAINS AW"A woman dressed as a schoolgirl for a zombie hunter appearing in"

"Assassins Creed 3Two people who made a cosplay.

A mysterious red ranger who strolled along the street near the venue. The crotch is completely out.

"Just DanceDancer performing a demo.

There is an Oscar de la Hoya statue that accomplished the 6th ranking in the front of the Staples Center just next to the E3 venue.

I saw it in the neighborhood of the E3 venueTerry AllenEARNEST YOUNG produced by the artist called the mysterious statue that thrusts his head into the building where he lives.

"Epic Mickey"The booth's woman had long ears.

Even my uncle has ears.

A woman in Pikachu.

Ryu of the level which is likely to go out to the movies as it is.

"Halo 4"Master chief who was at the promotion booth.

Ryu and master chief, co-starring dreams.

"Tekken Tag Tournament 2 UnlimitedThere was a lot of cosplayer and companion at the booth of anyway.

Visitors who are excited at the booth.

A woman dressed in the bamboo of Kameousen style (precisely Namek star edition and gowns worn by Goku) with a highly exposed design from the side view.

So, it was an event that I felt the depth of the city 's bosom of Los Angeles in various ways.

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