"Sleep suit" to take a comfortable sleep anytime anywhere, considering the sleeping position in front of the desk

When taking a nap in a school or workplace, there are many cases where there are not enough environments such as bedding and a place where you can lay yourself, but there seem to be some people who made suit like a cocoon that can get a comfortable sleep even in such a situation .

It seems that it is a suit that considered sleeping position such as afraid and sideways, a state sitting on a side, with a shape that does not feel a sense of oppression while sleeping but also has elasticity and mobility.

Details are as below.

The material of the sleep suit developed by Forrest Jessee uses the EVA form used for mats and the like.

In the four sleeping postures that stand out, face up, sideways, and sit in front of the desk, studying how much support you need for your body and the thickness of the suit is decided.

It is designed to be detachable within 1 minute so that it will not interfere with getting into sleep.

Also sleeping on a hard bench is Heccara.

Because it is an odd appearance, the possibility of getting in the way of sleeping will be low.

More comfortable sleep is possible on the lawn.

I can sleep even on the desk. It seems that there is also an effect that it is hard to be noticed even if it snoozes from the face hiding.

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