"∞ (chunk) chocolate" which can enjoy the feeling of folding chocolate infinitely as "crisp" released on January 30

Enjoy infinite air crush bubble wrap crushing feel "∞ (む ん ん) bubble wrap"And enjoying the feeling of taking out the edamame beans"Infinite"It seems that" ∞ chocolate "will be released from January 30th, which will be the 6th bullet to" ∞ can be made into a topic "by enjoying the feeling that can be changed indefinitely.

This time it is the first product that incorporates the user's idea.

Details are from the following.
"∞ (Musume) chocolate" released on Saturday, January 30, 2010 Bandai | Press release

【∞ (Musume) chocolate】 Official website Fun folding with Pakitsu! ∞ Idea contest Best prize idea finally commercialized!

According to Bandai 's press release, it becomes the topic of being able to experience the feeling of crushing the air cushion bubble wrap used infinitely in packaging materials, etc. The topic became the topic "∞ Bubble wrap" which is known as "the series that can be made into ∞" ∞ Chocolate "It will be on sale from January 30th. The price is 630 yen in tax, the size is 58 mm in length × 28 mm in width × 14 mm in depth and 22 g in weight, which means that it will also be a cell phone strap.

∞ Chocolate is the best award prize of the "∞ idea contest" that had been held since April 2009, and this time the user's idea was commercialized for the first time. It is becoming a commodity that you can enjoy infinitely the feeling of folding chocolate plate as "pakita", and it seems that pleasure that makes it feel addictive and makes you want to fold over and over has become the biggest attraction.

The case has been collaborated with Meiji Seika's "Meiji Milk Chocolate", and it has become three kinds, "Hi milk chocolate" "Milk chocolate" "White chocolate".

From the left "Hi milk chocolate" "Milk chocolate" "White chocolate"

Because you can only fold up to 20 degrees from the case, you need to be careful not to break excessively by putting too much strength.

In the future, products incorporating the opinions of consumers may appear.

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