"∞ (Mugen) bubble wrap" that can continue infinitely crushing bubble wrap is released

"Bubble wrap" used as a cushioning material to protect things from impacts when sending luggage. The feeling when crushing the air bubbles of this "bubble wrap" is so comfortable that it is not the original purpose for protecting the shock, but it is said that there are people who just purchase to just crush them, it becomes a key chain type toy It is said that it will be sold from Bandai. The release schedule is late September and the price is 819 yen including tax.

It seems that the main target is men and women in their 20s to 30s, but is there many people in this age group who like bubble wrap?

Details are as below.
~ No matter how many times you crush it will not go away! Is it? "Petit petit" that crushes infinitely appears! ~ "∞ (Mugen) bubble wrap" released late September Bandai Press Release

The color is five colors of white, black, pink, orange and blue.

With 8 buttons, each time you press it, you can taste that unique feel. It seems that the high degree of reproducibility is becoming quite awesome as it is a certificate of Kawachi Sangyo Co., Ltd., the selling source of "bubble wrap".

There seems to be a genuine "bubble wrap" one in 10,000 pieces heart-shaped, but also something that a toy person secretly heart-shaped is confused.

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