Graph that the ink is higher than blood, how much the printer's ink cartridge is expensive at a glance

I think that there are a lot of people who have been astounded at expensive prices to remember their anger if they go to buy because the printer's ink runs out. In most cases, ink is exclusive for each manufacturer and it is difficult to obtain cheap substitutes, so you have to buy genuine products thought it is stupid.

So, as you can see at a glance how much the ink cartridge of the printer is expensive, I combined it with one other graph together with prices of other familiar liquids.

Details are below.
The Price of a Gallon: 47 liquids comparison

This is the graph (unit: yen / gram). The ink of the printer is about 68 yen per gram and more than double the blood, just the situation that "one drop of ink is one drop of blood". By the way, according to the above site, the pronoun of high class perfume, Chanel No. 5 is even more expensive and it seems to be about 650 yen per gram.

As a countermeasure against consumers, there are things such as refilling ink cartridges with syringes in ink cartridges, or using third party inks recycling waste cartridges. However, in 2006Canon will sue a recycled ink cartridge supplier and prevail over the caseThere are also movements trying to eliminate non-genuine ink, such as.

Some of them are remodeling to add an external ink tank to the printer and direct the exchange ink.


Printers are mostly those that adopt a business model that sells the main unit cheaply and raises profits with supply supplies such as ink, but at a price that makes it possible to buy one cheap printer with two ink cartridges There seems to be a case that it may be overwhelmed by the default, such as getting rid of.

The more you print out the more it costs you to explode, the more like a recent mobile phone with an incentive model changed, "to lower running costs instead of raising the introduction price" to a business model Is not it one thing to change?

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