The classic product is also very profound, I've won all eight kinds of "Old fashion's Hall of Fame"

From Wednesday, 6th (Wednesday), Mr. Donuts staples the old product of Old Fashion and the popular taste reprint version released in the past, and the classic items in total of 8 types "Old Fashion Hall of Fame" We are on sale. Mister donuts that have produced numerous new products so farHall of FameI have purchased all eight kinds so that I have to control everything in order to make it fancy.

Also, for the reprinted "Old Fashion Matcha" "Old Fashion Green Tea Chocolate"Last time I ateI compared it while tasting.

Details are as below.Tasty, comeback! Old fashion hall of fame. | New Item | Mister Donut

The climbing train of old fashions flutters in the wind.

The inside of the store is like this. The dignity of the Hall of Fame is not much, but the visual that the rustic atmosphere of old fashion is transmitted.

Only the old fashions are rowed side by side. Masterpiece.

"Old Fashion Black Mitsuki Nako" "Old Fashion Coffee" "Old Fashion Coffee Chocolate" are three new types.

I will eat it at once.

Old fashion: This is exactly like plain donuts. It is not too sweet, not being something topped, you can enjoy a simple donut. Overall the old fashions were fried, crispy touch to the touch was comfortable, and the impression was quite different from when we ate on the way home.

Chocolate fashion: "Chocolate that exquisitely matches" where "Old fashion is not enough for a while". It is not hard to soak only a part, not soak the whole in chocolate. It is a taste that can be relieved.

Old fashion honey: sweet. Anyway it's sweet violently. It is sweet as if sweet taste cells reach their limits. For a considerable sweet tooth.

Old Fashion Matcha: When I ate before, I did not feel Matcha flavor much, but this time I feel Matcha flavor comparatively firmly in the aftertaste. A little artificial feeling coupled with the flavor and color of the feeling that was made a bit.

Old fashion matcha chocolate: I tried to add chocolate to matcha tea. When you eat the chocolate part, two flavors attack at once, and it comes to a solid mass.

It is time to enter 3 kinds of new products.

Old fashion black Mitsuki Nakako: First of all, the mouthfeel is moist and I feel that it is a bit different from other fashion types at the moment I speak. It is a Japanese-style sweetness as if it is like eating straw rice cake. This was the best hit this time.

Black honey is not mixed in the dough but seems to be soaking up. Therefore, maybe a moist texture different from other tastes was born.

Old fashion coffee: I will chase the coffee flavor after a while. Because the color is only slightly different, if you eat alone, you may not notice the difference from old fashion.

Old fashion coffee chocolate: Although the products of chocolate fashion series are supposed to be all the same chocolate, it is mysterious and bitter taste. There was also a fact that the flavor of the coffee dough itself was not so strong, and compatibility is quite good.

This is different from black honey kinako, seems to have seasoned coffee on the dough itself.

As the Old Fashion Tower was one of the biggest stacked on the in-store poster ......

I tried stacking in the same way. Due to the fact that the dough is solid, it is quite a sense of stability even when 8 piles are stacked. As expected it is only to form the Hall of Fame.

Quite high.

Regarding the announcement of the Hall of Fame this time I was very sorry that the "Strawberry Fashion" which we soaked Old Fashion in Strawberry Chocolate was not reprinted. There are other products using strawberry chocolate ....

Even though there are also here.

On the whole, there is no such product as "This is a loser", I felt the handiness like a standard, as expected. Old fashion fabrics are quite harsh to win at once at the same time because they accumulate considerably on the stomach among the items of Mr. Donuts, but all are quite a taste. People who extend their hands on new products may also want to reconfirm the standard taste on this machine.

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