Movie of Sea Shepherd's "Adi Gil" colliding and sinking

It is known for "protest activity" which exercised force such as throwing a bottle containing boiled butyric acid per ship against a Japanese whaling shipThe anti-whaling group "Sea Shepherd" bought "Earth race" called the fastest eco boat on the planet and converted it to the latest type disturbance dedicated ship "Ady Gil" full of various equipment Sailed to the Antarctic Ocean for disturbance activities onWas revealed in October last year, but today, as a result of doing a body contact with the Japanese research whaling vessel "2nd Shannamaru", it became clear that the ship wrecked and wrecked .

A crew member of the second Shonan Maru who received the body was successful in catching the situation that Ady Gil collides with the camera, but it seems that the casualty may come out at any moment It is.

Details are as below.
This is the movie. A black ship visible in the back is Sey Shepherd's sabotage ship, Ady Gil.

YouTube - Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil sank

In order to come closer and closer, the 2nd Shonan Maru sounds a warning sound, and it competes with water discharge.

While receiving water discharge, Ady Gil comes further closer

I approached in a stroke

It collided with the 2nd Shonan Maru as it is. A considerable impact is transmitted to the hull.

I can see the crew

Rough waves are generated

Ady Gil leaving slowly

Bow has been damaged

It seems that you can no longer sail by yourself

Ady Gil increasingly far away. It seems that the ship sank after this.

In addition, although this state is recorded not only as images but also as pictures, it is clear that Ady Gil has the intention of attacking the 2nd Shonan Maru seriously. The above movies and the following photographs are all incorporated foundationJapan Cetacean Research Institute, And it seems that it was also trying to attack not only "2nd Shonan Maru" but also "Nisshin Maru" before sinking.

Crew of Ady Gil holding a launcher

A crew member of Ady Gil who irradiated a laser beam and a man with a camera that seems to be a shooting crew of an animal planet shooting it

Ady Gil tow a rope to attack the Nisshin Maru Screw

In addition to ropes for screw attacks, buoys are also installed

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