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A big hit movie composed of rehearsal scenery of Michael Jackson 's concert "THIS IS IT" scheduled to be held today from summer 2009 to 2010, and precious images behind the scenes by Sony todayMichael Jackson THIS IS IT"Blu-ray version and the new PS 3 setTo release special packs in limited quantityAnnounced. The release date is January 27 (Wednesday) and the price is 33,500 yen.

The Blu-ray version "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT" contains bonuses such as short films of "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal" newly shot as well as wallpaper that can be used only with PS 3 It is said that there is.

It may be good news for those who are planning to purchase PS3 as a result of selling the same work because it is possible to purchase about 1280 yen cheaper than purchasing the new PS3 main unit and Blu - ray version separately.

So, tomorrowJanuary 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on January 7th one year ago.

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Today's headline news.
Usage status of the year-end / New Year's holiday period | News Release - JR Tokai Central Japan Railway Company(Due to traffic, price cuts on highway tolls, etc., the number of users dropped year on year)

Microsoft Announces Retail Price of "Office 2010" - News: ITpro(Software, version with only product key)

From Panasonic and LG Electronics: Skype enables Skype video calling on TV - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Software, TV phone using Skype on TV is possible)

Price revision of 4 lots of PC digital terrestrial tuner is implemented Up to 32% price reduction | Press release(Hardware, price to around 10,000 yen price)

WatchTower of Motoazabu Haruo: Testing the old and new Netbooks to think about the possibilities of next generation Atom (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, performance is not greatly different from old model)

【PC Watch】 【CES 2010 extra edition】 New Atom loaded netbook "HP Mini 210" First Impression(Hardware, because OS became Windows 7, performance is not affected)

Download from Apple's App Store topped 3 billion books(How much can you counter the Internet service, Windows Mobile camp and Android camp?)

PIP-BP 750 | Product Information | Princeton Technology(Mobile, a compact external battery that enables 3 hour calling)

US Eye-Fi Inc. Announces Next Generation Eye-Fi Card "8 GB Eye-Fi Pro X 2" CES Has Been Bigly Evolved Both Hardware and Software: News Releases - Topics - Eye-Fi Japan(Hardware, capacity up and IEEE802.11n compatible)

Cine Nouvo Movie Screening Information 1/30 Late Show from Sat! "Mai Mai Shinki and the Magic of the Millennium"(2 weeks late show screening is decided in Cine · Nouveau in movie, Osaka · Kujyo)

Sister version of AKB 48, spread to the world? : News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Entertainment, members are 48 people, the group name is "○ ○ 48", sold in a format that makes sure to meet by making a special theater)

4Gamer.net - Release date of "Hokuto Musou" is determined on March 25. The release of "TREASURE BOX" full of luxury goods also (Hokuto Musou)("TREASURE BOX" full of games and goods is released at 13,440 yen)

35-year-old secretary "I'm seriously married but mostly when I meet 1 or 2, I do not care about it. What is wrong with me!": Alfalfa Mosaic(Life, self recognition is insufficient)

Become a critic: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo(Life, people seem to be fascinated by criticizing something that they can appeal to themselves as being great)

Arashi and SMAP also uncut, but Mr. Boyle is ... ... "Red and White" popular on NHK on demand - ITmedia News(tv set,First half of Mizuki Nana and AKB 48 etc. appearWhenYazawa Ekichi, Kobayashi Sachiko, SMAP, Arashi etc. come out later halfIs ranked first and second)

TV abandonment net migrating talent Beat Takeshi in big prophecy: J-CAST News(Media, BeeTV members are 810,000 as of November 30)

Autism: Degradation of neurological function of emotions is related to the brain tomography Hamamatsu Medical University - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Medical, "Autism is not related to how to nurture, it became clear that there is a nerve injury")

Absolutely a way to win in war I came up with wwwwwww: Hamster preliminary bulletin(Something like a tank with a drill that is going to be remodeled and improved steadily)

"Head seems to have a footstep" Oh, live-action version: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Nothing, contest pictures deciding "a nice couple of kisses in China" variously)

What is the purpose of "M - 1 Grand Prix" and what is being judged? - What is the wind of yesterday?(Entertainment, position as "a major project of Major Resurrection of Maozai" to restore what is called "television entertainment" or "comic dialogue" which was a state of dying)

Mayor Akane, criticism of disaster prevention wireless use media: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I assert for a few minutes from around 7:30 pm on January 5, "the incident," The media is trying to get over me ")

"A virtual image of the technology national Nippon has been exposed" - National policy supercomputer, question the significance of resurrection: ITpro(Although the substrate was exhibited at the international conference of the world's largest supercomputer, it seems obvious that Fujitsu's inferiority would be seen if a person knows the technology)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Ancestors of eels are estimated from deep sea fish DNA analysis University of Tokyo etc. - Science(Science, the result of analyzing genes has been known)

Gendai's consideration diary Another lie came out! ~ News of the Japanese mass media "United States Fury"(media,US Department of State HomepageYou can see it because the movie is posted as it is)

A US financial institution that caused financial collapse is profitable without reparation - My Life in MIT Sloan(Economy, the reason why the regulation and monitoring system needed to prevent further financial crisis should be established in the United States and its explanation)

Awesome detergency, powerful disinfecting power! Electrolytic alkaline washing water is the strongest! : Alfalfa mosaic(Life, it seems to be an irritating power)

Why did the fork's teeth become four? Evolution theory of utility goods / Henry Petrosky: DESIGN IT! W / LOVE(Book Review, Discovery of Defects Promotes Mono Evolution)

Lieutenant \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: The thing that it was 24 thousand yen if it is Koji ○ and 27 thousand yen if it is Yama ○ - livedoor Blog (blog)(It can only be said that it depends on the net, the product)

Pontiac, Tawareko, MD disc ...... What disappeared in the 2000s | Yajiwa USA Watch | Columns & Blogs | Newsweek Japan Official Site(Column, comment on what disappeared from America)

Shiba Inui: I live in the UK I will tell you the wonderful place in Japan(Life, "Train runs according to timetable", "Shop clerk is not chewing gum", etc.)

VIPPER I: Examinee, it's the location that's important for choosing a university(If you are blown to a campus like life island like a land, you will become "how did it ..." after admission)

Hatsune Mikubesuto [memories & amp; impacts] following the release of Hideo Miku "First" video clip collection at the same time!(Vocaloid, a card with a serial number where images of "Mikufes '09 summer" can be seen for the first time limited benefit etc.)

TRIGUN ticket launch memorial delivered meeting for theatrical version | Animate if it is animation!(To be handed-over sales by an original author, Yasuhiro Naito followed by animation, winter comic)

Summary of fishing titles that were superior - NAVER Summary(Stories, "Dentist's Ovary Stand" "Afghan Air Sumo Killed" etc.)

"NO MORE Movie Thief" Movable Figure - Car Game Other Various Information - Yahoo! ブ ロ グ(Movie, whatever pose it is like that)

Google's "Nexus One" fear of intellectual property infringement / United States / Home - The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com(Bereaved claims that infringing the intellectual property rights of Philippe K. Dick, a late era of mobile and science fiction writer, "Android is dreaming of electric sheep?")

Moba Gow Town, Monthly PV to 38 Billion - Social Game Driven: Mobile - CNET Japan(Mobile, it was around 18 billion PV a month until about September 2009)

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