T shirt explaining in an easy to understand manner before and after use of file compression software "WinRAR"

A well-known archive software with high compression ratioWinRAR"As a person who does not know much about the data compression function which is the basic function of, it is a pair of T - shirts described in three dimensions.

I think that it is quite effective to explain the data compression, but since the compression rate will change depending on the wearing person, it seems to be hard for the personnel selection of the model to struggle.

Details are as below.
WinRAR t-shirts

This is that T - shirt. It seems to be written "before compression", but what about the other one

"Compressed" looks something like this. It is certainly easy to understand.

The place where the two people before and after the compression were lined up. It is a difficult point to lose meaning by mistaking the shirt to wear.

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