When does the price of SSD fall dramatically? Manufacturers reveal their prospects

Because of high-speed data transfer rate and low power consumption, the recording medium "SSD" adopting flash memory is gathering expectation as an alternative recording medium to HDD which was mainstream so far,A 2.5-inch HDD of 500 GB model is about 7000 yen, Whereas,The selling price of 2.5 inch SSD of 512 GB model is about 180,000 yenIn terms of cost performance, we are taking great delay in HDD.

Meanwhile, flash memory manufacturers have announced their prospects as to when the SSD will fall dramatically.

People who are lost as to whether to buy an HDD or buy a SSD may be a good reference.

Details are as below.
Ramp-up of 20 nm nodes may accelerate SSD adoption in PCs in 2011

According to this article, it seems that a symposium was held in Taiwan from November 24th to 25th, including top executives of companies and manufacturers of flash memory products in China and Taiwan such as A-Data, JMicron, and Silicon Motion .

In the panel discussion, manufacturers are forecasting the proliferation of SSD in the future, the flash memory prices will fall significantly in 2011, by adopting the 20 nm manufacturing process, where main flash memory makers are further miniaturized than before We anticipate that full-scale dissemination can not be expected until then.

By adopting Toshiba's 32 nm process,In addition to downsizing by about 1/7 volume ratio compared to the conventional 2.5-inch type SSD, the SSD achieving power saving by 1/2 in terms of power consumption ratio in addition to downsizing by about 1/8 We are mass-producingHowever, due to further miniaturization of the manufacturing process, it seems that SSD will be released in 2011, which has a further reduced volume and mass than now and a very inexpensive SSD with reduced power consumption.

In short, even though SSD will gradually decline until 2011, it will not go down dramatically ....

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