PS3 of the celebrity specification which made not only the main body but also the controller even made of pure gold appeared

On September 3, Sony launched a new PS3 which realized the thickness and weight equivalent to two-thirds of the conventional, but a new celebrity specification PS 3 made out of pure gold appeared.

Not only the main body but also the controller is made of pure gold, it has become a limited model with only five in the world.

Pictures of the golden PS3 are from the following.
Exclusive First Look at the PS3 Slim Dipped in 24kt Gold

According to this article, Computer Choppers, who is known for customizing mobile phones such as iPhone and Blackberry and laptops such as MacBook to 24 gold (pure gold) specification, is planning to announce the new PS3 with pure gold specification.

A pure gold specification new PS3 is said to be released only for 5 units, and one photo has been released ahead of formal announcement.

This is golden PS3. The controller will also be made of pure gold

IncidentallyComputer Choppers official websiteAccording to the net gold specification iPhone 3GS is 1599.99 dollars (about 144,000 yen), the main price of the new PS3 which is overwhelmingly bigger than the iPhone 3GS is likely to be ridiculous though it is slim.

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