Game maker Activision considers donation of 1 million dollars for veterans

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A US-based game maker Activision has made it clear that he plans to donate one million dollars to soldiers who have retired or retired. Activision has made popular FPS "Call of Duty" series and "Total War" series etc, but since the latest work "Modern Warfare 2" will be on sale on November 10 (Tue), it will be in accordance with it It seems that this donation plan has been raised.

Details are as below.
Activision Donates $ 1 M On Game's Launch Day To Help Vets | Kotaku Australia

Activision is a game maker making FPS "Modern Warfare 2" etc. released in North America on November 10 (Tue). We are also working on "Call of Duty" series and others. This time, it seems that we decided to make a donation of 1 million dollars (about 90 million yen) as non-profit enterprises that will help veteran soldiers get jobs at general corporations will be created.

The unemployment rate of veteran soldiers seems to be very high, and in the figures summarized in 2008 it seems that 18% of the soldiers who retired in the past 1 to 3 years were not on new jobs.

By the way, "Modern Warfare 2" is the latest in "Call of Duty" series. Activision is confident that "I will aim for the best sales in the series", it is one I want to keep down if I like FPS. For the release in Japan, the Xbox 360 version and PS 3 version are December 10 (Thurs), Windows version is December 23 (Wednesday).

The game's toddler movie was like this.

The latest movie of "Call Of Duty" series latest work "Modern Warfare 2" is released

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