Xbox 360 production is finally finished, the final result "10 years from release" is canceled


Microsoft's home game machine released in November 2005 (December in Japan) "Xbox 360"It is decided to stop production after ten years from the launch.

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Microsoft officially announced the end of production of Xbox 360 on April 20, 2016. Microsoft's online shop still has Xbox 360 on sale, but it is said that it will be discontinued at the time the stock runs out. "Xbox 360 is a product that had significant meaning to all Microsoft employees, but Xbox 360 is a product that has been more than 10 years since its launch," said Phil Spencer, Microsoft Xbox division chief.

Xbox 360 contributes to the game industry such as franchise such as "Gears of War" series and "Halo" series, Xbox Live which provides online service, groundbreaking Kinnect which can be operated with gesture · speech recognition, is incalculable there is.

Although production is terminated, Xbox One of the successor is capable of playing Xbox 360 games because there is a backward compatible function. Also, Xbox Live will continue to provide services to Xbox 360 and will continue to support hardware as well.

The Xbox 360 has exceeded 80 million units worldwide until 2013 when Xbox One was launched, and cumulative shipments in Japan was about 1.6 million units as of March 2013.

Mr. Spencer is very thankful to many gamers, developers and publishers who gave passion and creativity to Xbox 360. You are the heart of our work on Team Xbox and you can use Xbox There was no success of 360. "I expressed gratitude.

The following movies contain images of Xbox 360 games released from 2005 through 2013, and those who have played even once have the feeling that they can feel nostalgic.

Xbox 360 Tribute 2005-2013 HD - YouTube

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