Brazil in a strong football country banned soccer on the beach

It is said that Brazil, a strong football country that has won the FIFA World Cup many times, will prohibit playing soccer on the sandy beach of Rio de Janeiro. Originated from Brazil to coat sandy beachBeach soccerCurrentlyWorld CupThere are some, but what on earth was the problem?

Details are as below.
Brazil bans football from Rio's beaches - Telegraph

According to this article, it was a ban on football on the sandy beach of Rio de Janeiro as part of a campaign to make the illegal city more livable as a chaos, to stop the ball game such as lifting play called "Altinha" It seems that the purpose is.

"Altinha" is like this. It will be banned from December 1st.

Rio de JaneiroRonaldoYaZico,GarintiaThere are many players who practice football on the sandy beach and many people protest that "playing football on the sandy beach is part of the culture".

However, Lins e Silva, who says he has hit the balls of fresco balls (play like badminton) many times many times, agrees with this ban, "I want you to stay away" I will.

Fresco ball is like this. This is also prohibited.
YouTube - (Ale Alves, frescobol parte 1)

The time period prohibited is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, it seems that it is in the period until the middle of March when the summer of the Southern Hemisphere ends. The police will also control illegal sales on jet skis and beaches that do not follow the rules at the same time, and plans to remove the bad image of Rio de Janeiro.

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