A marathon tournament held in London, the winner was a rabbit

Rabbits and tortoises of the Aesop's story are races that are overwhelmingly faster than turtles but have fallen asleep on the way, the rabbits lose their competition with turtles. However, if it ran without sleeping, the rabbit should have won over. In a half marathon tournament held in London as if to prove it, it seems that a rabbit costume male runner won the championship.

It is quite a handicap to wear licks with a marathon where endurance is important, but the identity of the rabbit was a terrible character.

Details are as below.
Ananova - Rabbit wins half marathon

A lot of runners of 12,000 people participated in the half marathon rally "Royal Park Foundation" running in the center of London, but the one who won the race was a man of rabbit mask.

The appearance of the winner who was filmed.

In fact, the rabbit who won the championship while carrying a big handicap, the middle person seems to be Mr. John Muriithi, a medium distance runner in Kenya who is expected to have a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

In addition to Mr. Muriithi, 10 other Kenyan players were run as a forest animals team in the event and they were running in disguise. "It's a favorite course for me, I'm happy to cheer and I enjoyed being a rabbit," Mr. Muriithi said.

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