From appetizer to dessert "PREMIUM cheese fantasy super rich quattro" tasting review

Domino Pizza has released a new pizza for parties starting October 30th (Friday). "Premium Cheese Fantasy Super Rich Quattro", although I do not really know the contents well, I heard that it is a wonderful pizza, but there are two kinds of main dishes (fish dish / meat dish) with a pizza, Dessert and creative dish It is a thing that a full course can be enjoyed. Premium cheese fantasy "covered with cheese as a whole was used instead of just dough.

I ordered this pizza that it is limited during the winter season and tried it.
宅配ピザのドミノ・ピザ <スーパーリッチ・クワトロの詳しい情報>

This time I ordered "Super Rich Cuatro" besides "Bread Bowl Pasta - Porcini Cream Sauce ~" "Fluffy Angel 's Cheese Cake" "Winter Recommendation Set A" 4980 yen.

This is "Super Rich Cuatro". If it is single item M size is 2900 yen, L size is 3900 yen.

The part where the meat and tomatoes were disappointing is an appetizer. Meat isPan cetta(Salted pork belly). Salted pork belly is called raw bacon, and it smokes and becomes bacon.

It is a combination of tomato and pancetta (bacon noodles), it feels like strongly salting the orthodox tomato bacon pizza as it seems. Pretty greasy volume full mark. For this pizza, I feel that the crispy texture of Italian crust is better than the fluffy premium cheese fantasy fabric. The cheese which overflowed from the fabric of the premium cheese fantasy is crunchy cracker shape and it may be glad for those who like it.

For the main dish · fish dishes topping with Omaru shrimp and Amekenee sauce. Amershane sauce is a source of base based on shells of omal shrimp and so on, so shellfish is fully opened.

Main dish · Meat dish with roast chicken and artichokes sauce. When eaten as a full course, when roasted chicken artichoke sauce cliff comes out, you may think that it is "oops", but when you become a pizza you will get a strong impression of the appetizer's tomato & pancetta punch. You may need to appeal more chicken thick.

At the end is dessert pizza, blueberries etc on top of cream cheese are topped. The attached pouch is maple syrup rather than Tabasco and it is used for this pizza.

If you eat without maple syrup it will be pushed by the cheese taste and you will not be able to taste the berry flavor. When maple is applied, acidity and sweetness intertwine with each other and it tastes like dessert. However, cheese is still strong, regrettable that the presence of blueberry is thin.

This is Bread Bowl Pasta.

Porcini cream sauce pasta this time. Before,When I went to the store of Domino PizzaI knew it, but I made pizza and pasta at the same time in the oven and it was made to bake at the same time.

Therefore, let's mix well as the surface of the noodle is a bit hard. It is a dish that is full of feeling of fullness because it can be eaten up to a dish of bread bowl, but it may be more pleasant if the source is a bit more.

The last is real dessert, soft cheese cake of angel.

It is wrapped carefully like this.

Because it arrives in the frozen state, it will return about one hour at room temperature (about 20 degrees).

It is ready to eat.

Sweetness spreads after yogurt - like sourness, the taste of fine cheesecake. Sweetness is not drawn behind, it has a taste easy to eat at all. The texture is also very smooth. It finishes thoroughly after thoroughly finishing, on the whole it is chilled and eaten it is delicious.

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