Subway 'Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX' 'Pizza Shrimp Genovese' tasting review with excellent pizza feeling with Toro Toro cheese and authentic basil sauce

January 19, 2022, two types of pizza 'Pizza Sub' series that can be eaten with one hand of the subway, ' Pizza Ebi Italiana DX ' using shrimp, bacon and semi-dried sausage, and 'Pizza Ebi Genovese ' combining shrimp and basil sauce. I joined from (Wednesday). It is said that you can enjoy the texture and taste with Toro Toro cheese and shrimp, so I actually tried it and checked the taste.

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Arrived at the subway.

At the store, there was a banner that appealed to the 'Pizza Ebi Italiana DX' and 'Pizza Ebi Genovese'.

You can customize the toppings and sauces to your liking on the subway, but the customization of the pizza sub is limited to vegetable weight loss and bread selection. This time, when I ordered 'Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX' and 'Pizza Shrimp Genovese',

Sesame was selected as the bread. Also, it seems that there are 4 large shrimp in each of the 2 types of pizza subs.

I ordered 'Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX' and 'Pizza Shrimp Genovese' for takeout and brought them back.

The contents of 'Pizza Shrimp Italiana DX' look like this. Onions, peppers and olives are topped with 4 shrimp, 4 semi-dried sausages and 1 bacon, and plenty of mozzarella cheese is hung on them. The pizza sub is toasted at the end of cooking, so the cheese melts in the trolley and the bread is grilled.

When I try to eat it, it has a pizza-like flavor with ingredients such as cheese, bacon, and olives. However, the essential shrimp has a light taste and lacks a sense of pre-preparation, so its presence is weak. If you eat for shrimp, you will eat your shoulders. However, I enjoyed it as a pizza sandwich because I could enjoy the fragrant sesame aroma and a large amount of vegetables.

Next, I will try 'Pizza Shrimp Genovese'. The ingredients are shrimp, onions, and peppers, with plenty of basil sauce and cheese on top.

When you eat a bite, the flavor of salty basil sauce, which is a combination of basil, olive oil and garlic, spreads in your mouth. 'Pizza Shrimp Genovese' also has a weak presence of shrimp, but the basil sauce firmly insists, so the satisfaction is high. If you're a person who says 'Basil sauce is a must for pizza and pasta,' the sandwich was quite enjoyable.

'Pizza Ebi Italiana DX' is 540 yen including tax, and 'Pizza Ebi Genovese' is 490 yen including tax, and it has appeared on subways nationwide from January 19, 2022 (Wednesday).

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