A cheap local digital recorder "Hi-Vision Rokulak Slim NEO" that can connect up to 13 commercially available external HDDs and record it

HDD recorder compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting that can be connected by connecting a commercially available external HDDHigh vision Slim NEOThe reservation reception of "reservation" started from today.

Since it is also possible to connect up to 13 HDDs at the same time and record HDD by using genres differently for each genre,It will be possible to record programs such as animation, music, movies, drama, variety, sports, wide show, news, education, theater, hobby, welfare, others ...Besides, the selling price of the main unit is cheaper than the HDD recorder made by another company has become the 20,000 yen level.

Details are as below.
Hi-Vision · Roakuraku Slim NEO (Neo) Introduces New Innovative Price | Japan Digital Appliances

According to this page, it seems that reservation reception of HDD recorder "Hi-Vision Rokulak Slim NEO" for terrestrial digital broadcast that can record on USB external type HDD from today will be started. The maximum capacity of the corresponding HDD is 2 TB, and it is possible to connect up to 13 HDDs simultaneously by using USB hub.

This is the main body of "Hi-Vision Rock Star Slim NEO".

Image diagram when HDDs are connected at the same time. It is also possible to switch the HDD to be saved according to the genre of the program.

It can also move and copy data between disks.

In addition to "HDTV and Slim NEO", in addition to the HDMI terminal and the D terminal, the composite terminal and the S terminal are also equipped, so you can watch the terrestrial digital broadcast on analog TV as well as MPEG2 Formal data can also be viewed on TV. The price which is worrisome has become 29,400 yen including tax.

When 13 HDDs of 2 TB are connected at the same time, the recording capacity will be 26 TB, but if it is large capacity so far, it seems to be able to record without any trouble.

The following link is detailed about the function of "Hi-Vision Roclack Slim NEO".

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