115 public female students in the public high school in the United States proved pregnant

It was revealed that 115 out of 800 girls studying in public high schools in the USA are pregnant.

Indeed, it is supposed to be pregnant at an incredibly high rate of 1 in 7 people, but what happened?

Details are as below.
1 In 7 Girls At Robeson High School Got Pregnant - cbs2chicago.com

According to this article, 115 high school girls in 800 are pregnant at a high school called Robeson High School in Chicago, USA. This was discovered by a survey conducted by Robeson High School himself.

Although it is said that it is not possible to explain briefly about why such a situation came, the principal's principal Gerald Morrow said "One girl student who got pregnant may not have a father" as a reason I list it.

Also, some pregnant female students are unable to receive support from their homes, and because they are sometimes expelled from their homes, it is necessary to refurbish the site of a drug trafficking station near high school and support students A day care facility will be opened.

It is reported that one student commented on the current situation that "Creating a child never implies the end of life".

By the way Gerald Morrow 's mother' s mother is born at the age of fifteen, so it is considered important for the principal to take this issue and work on it.

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