Headline news on October 16, 2009

Weathernews Co., Ltd. announces the arrival of winter on Friday, October 16Snow caterpillar (Yukimushi)"By investigating this year, we anticipate the trend of snow in Hokkaido this year" Snow Stroke Campaign "at Weathernews mobile site" Weather News "in" Hokkaido area report "It has started.

"Snow caterpillar" is a kind of aphids with a size of 3 to 4 millimeters. In the late autumn when the first snowfall approaches, appearances that fly all at once are often seen in various parts of Hokkaido and it seems that it is a winter scenes of Hokkaido that is said to be "the first snow falls in about 1 to 10 days after the snowfly flies" is.

In addition to exploring the trend of the first snow this year due to the location, size and number of snow throws this year, this is the third time, in addition to the users in the Hokkaido area, in the weather where snowflakes are likely to occur, I will notify you not to miss the opportunity to inform you by "Snow caterpillar e-mail", or when we receive powerful information on snow caterpillars or when the first snow report arrives, we will also deliver "Snow Cream News".

So, next MondayOctober 19. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 19th one year ago.

Extended warranty for home appliance mass merchandisers, compare where the best is - GIGAZINE

The outflow movie of the super car "Audi R8 Spider" scheduled to be released in 2010 - GIGAZINE

231 bra, a total of about 11,000 dollars (about 1.1 million yen) is stolen in less than 3 minutes - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"Do not do it yourself" is not good! Five mistakes the manager can not do | Management | My comic journal(Management, the management of a small company got drunken and drunk and subordinates do not grow)

FLASH | October 27, 2009 Issue | Magazines | Kobunsha(It is a big move to the Oshio case with a feeling that it was drowned out by Sakai Noriko due to the fact that "Oshio Academy case dead women have multiple body fluids!")

New winning equation! Hanshin, to win Kobayashi Masaya! (1/2 Pages) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM(baseball,Famous for not having a sense of stabilityIf you can try young people as much as you can get Kobayashi Masahide)

【3 Dimension】 Picture of Back to the Future Let's Kana Speed(Movie, BTTF is a masterpiece that is exciting no matter how many times you look)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Linear "Naturally, it's a straight route" JR Tokai President - Business and Economics(Railway,Taking the estimate of the other dayRemarks that JR Mutsuki president promotes a straight route, is it still this thing to do)

I think that it is about time to face seriously against Gaja - at the edge of the world at the edge of the world(Is it impossible to make a game as a competitor rather than colliding each other?)

I will not invite you(Living, inviting from myself if it does not invite anyone and will adjust the schedule)

I want a hobby like being able to get through.(Life, it may be difficult to find because it is a hobby that you are addicted to it when you notice it)

Make obsolescent engine similar sounds when running a hybrid car at low speed: Society: Sports notification(Technology, by all means I want you to be able to replace voice data and enjoy various engine sounds)

Melt clearly (1 / 2page) with "Approximately thick Ministry of Health and Welfare Ministry" and "Ministry of Health and Welfare Ministry of sorrow" Approximate request - MSN Sankei News(Politics, it is good to prevail in the senses in the city but the impact of public works on the economy is not so small as I expected)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): US Air Force 'Thunderbirds' in Japan for the first time in 15 years - Society(It seems that he showed off his generous techniques, such as military, extremely short distance,

DS game review "Saga 2 Hihou Densetsu Goddes of DESTINY" -GAME Watch(Game, a structure where many small worlds piled up is perfect for mobile games)

[PC Watch] Try 19,800 yen Android equipped MID "SmartQ 5"(Hardware, if it becomes an interesting portable net terminal that can use rich applications although it is difficult to use)

In future publications, we will display the freedom to use the documentation | Pot publishing(Copyright, anyone who obviously is clear and reasonable rules should obey it)

Google: Next year, selling e-books ... 500,000 copyright agreements - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(It said that it has finished digitizing books of 10 million volumes, including the already out-of-print books)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Google, net income · sales reached record highs in July - September(Economy, we will rejoin employee recruitment and corporate absorption merger as well)

The special nature of Nico Nico Douga seen in the difference between the Nico Discount questionnaire and the actual vote - the information drift of the sea(The fact that the trend difference is seen in the net, Internet and real society still shows that the fusion of the two is far away)

Nine points of CMS selection and three topics of CMS (1/3) - @ IT(CMS that can maintain the quality of the site keeping the coding of the page constant and the page is evolving rapidly)

Finland established national law "broadband connection" as "the right of the people", applauded! applause!(On the net, all citizens have the right to connect to broadband of 1 megabit in July 2010 and it will be expanded and revised up to 100 megabits in 2015)

AirSampai(Net service, Kamutaro Kobayashi's video unit "Ramenzu"NAMIKIBASHIYou can visit Kiyomizu-dera by Nori like "

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): The youngest celebrity is a computer with internet and master with 1000 teachers - culture(Culture, being able to compete at any time may be very good to become pickled in go)

About DOCTYPE declaration for handset 3 carriers | ke-tai.org(Necessary for those who are concerned about the details because the interpretation of HTML and CSS is different though it is not as large as the net and PC browser)

MVC design summary of Web application - Moya diary(Programming, considering concrete code considering how to put complex business transactions into programs)

It is about no more "how to make a video" summary | blogs.com(Summary of pages that explain technologies necessary for video posting site, such as net, how to insert subtitles)

How to directly edit the screen displayed in the Web browser(You can edit the text on the screen freely by simply placing JavaScript in the URL field)

A way to make access analysis culture penetrate inside the company "Jalan.net" case [MarkeZine Day 2009] (1/3): MarkeZine (Marketzine)(Statistics, results of numbers are important, but the last end should be considered from the user's perspective)

【SEO Research】 Frozen web masters Strong ranking fluctuations Major rough Yahoo! Search algorithm September update survey report (1/2): MarkeZine (Marketzin)(Net, Yahoo search algorithm revision contents are ranked fluctuation and reading from data in the real page)

Twitter founder Mr. Biz Stone asked the impression of "Viva ☆ HIWIGHIHI" - ITmedia News(It is interesting that someone sings Twitter's song meaning "net," bird's twitter ")

I went to see Central Party's "Costa Rica stone ball" - persimmon poisoning treatment diary(History, Who made it for what? Mysterious rock ball)

70,000 people die annually due to abortion, US group photo 3 international news: AFPBB News(Medical, abortion is illegal, you will have to perform dangerous surgery and risk increases)

Rabbits controlled in Sweden as heating fuels, friendly groups repulsed | Global speech | Reuters(International, should not think about necessity of extermination and animal welfare separately)

Takeo City's Saga Prefecture Takeo City "Journal Diary": If your legs are stuck ...(Medicine, it seems good if you try to shrink the muscles you stretched by extending the ankle on the other side and stretch it by reaction)

"Ultra simple sandal" by Japanese designers | WIRED VISION(It may be good when you get on an airplane if you put it in a bag and fold it in a gadget)

Impression of katakana seen from overseas "phonetikana": DesignWorks(Fonts, funny kana fonts incorporating pronunciation into letters)

"Almost a day" "24H management system" strong! What is the trend of 2010 notebook - Tokyo Walker(Is not it an interesting result that stationery, paper media from the net is top)

Recipe for cooked rice cooked with rice cooker | Recipe blog of Nagasawa family(Food, recipe of cooked rice which can be made really easily and cooking explanation)

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