Folding balcony transforming from the window in just tens of seconds

Glass windows with one buttonbalcony"Bloomframe (Bloomframe)" to be transformed into the NetherlandsHurksMade by the company. It has already been released in the Netherlands, the first isArnhemIt is decided that it will be introduced to the apartment in

Details are as below.Bloomframe

At first glance this window that is nothing to be changed ......

It starts to move with one button.

To the balcony in no time. As the floor becomes opaque, people who are not good at high places are safe.

Amsterdam's architectural officeHofman DujardinDesign by.

Colors and sizes are customizable and can be introduced not only to new buildings but also to windows of existing buildings.

I'm appealing sturdiness with a figure that I saw somewhere. There seems to be impossible for 100 people on the floor area, but it may be OK even if 20 people are on.

Actually this movie "Bloomframe" moves from the following movie.

YouTube - Bloomframe®

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