Local Tokusatsu Hero "Soryushin Mavel" Saved The Day!

"Soryushin Mavel (God of Blue Dragon Mavel)" is the local Tokusatsu-ish hero who emerged from the Ryu-myaku(lit. Dragon Vein: The stream of Qi in Feng shui) of Mt. Bizan. Day and night he fights the evil organization "Gregoil" who plans world domination by resurrecting the otherworldly god Al-Qatanada with the help of mystic artifact "Sormalion" hidden somewhere in Tokushima.

These bad guys from Gregoil came to harass the visitors at Machi★Asobi Festival, but of course, our hero Mavel arrived in the nick of time.

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Soryushin Mavel- Tokushima's Original Local Hero

Some of the audience were wearing t-shirts of Uzu Senshi Eddy, another local hero of Tokushima.

Alice came from Wonderland to see Mavel.

Practicing the war cry for Mavel.

Gregoil's low-rank soldier Oga and staff officer Dr. Gill came to make a mess on Mt. Bizan.

Oga was ordered by Dr. Gill to scout new Gregoil recruit from the audience. The kids seemed really scared.

Soryushin Mavel(right) and his ally Kamui(left) appeared.

YouTube - Tokushima's Local Hero "Soryushin Mavel" Show -01

Kamui is bit of a show-off.

Kamui fighting Oga.

Mavel takes a hold on Dr. Gill.

The boy couldn't take his eyes off Mavel.

Then, Hyoretsushin Zelvine(Ice Shattering God Zelvine) appeared.

Zelvine is actually a human possessed by the evil god Al-Qatanada.

Not as powerful as Al-Qatanada himself, but his strength can overwhelm Mavel. This time, he just made a brief appearance.

Coincidentally, Mavel's friend Juri was visiting the festival.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gill was being scolded by Zelvine. He received a 99.89% salary cut.

Zelvine summoned "Groiel the Seductive Thunder". Apparently, she's a female character.

Groiel and Dr. Gill's next strategy was to make friends with the audience, with the help of Juri.

Calling out "Oieeeesssss!" to the kids.

Doing the call-and-response routine, which you'll see in every other hero show.
YouTube - Tokushima's Local Hero "Soryushin Mavel" Show -02

Of course this was Dr. Gill's scheme to recruit new members. Juri was taken hostage

Mavel came back just in time.

Groiel is much stronger than Dr. Gill. Mavel and Kamui were almost taken.

But then, the war cry from the audience gave power to the two heroes.

With the secret weapon, they were able to defeat the bad guys.

Zelvine came to collect his two subordinates.

Mavel and Kamui marked a great victory today, but the battle will go on to maintain peace and protect the environment of Tokushima.

The show concluded in huge applauds.

Great show. Frankly, we weren't expecting this kind of quality for a local hero, so it came as a pleasant surprise.

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