Amazon builds three high-rise buildings as a new headquarters, a strangely colorful appearance such as Green Orange

I own a tremendous scale warehouse all over the world for shippingAmazonBut it turned out that the head office building in Seattle is new. Even though Amazon has been changing the head office building this time, it seems that this time it is planned to build three high-rise buildings adjacent to the office in addition to the three blocks, the conference hall and lawn.

DRB Recommendation Meeting # 3(PDF file)

Amazon gets colorful - and green - with new downtown towers | Brier Dudley's Blog | The Seattle Times

Amazon'sFirst head officeIt was as follows. The huge building on the hill of Seattle is a classic, like the one seen in office buildings of IT companiesModern atmospherethere is no.

The letters of "Pacific Medical Center" are listed in the gate, and Amazon is not written anywhere. Even though I pass in front of the building, I do not notice it as Amazon and it seems to pass by.

Looking up this way.

The building is made brick. This 16-storey building was originally built as a naval hospital in 1932, Amazon seems to have purchased it and rebuilt it.

This is the entrance. Looking closer ......

There is a silver letter on the door "".

At night it is lighted up and it has a fantastic atmosphere.

And hereHeadquarters now.

Changing the angle makes me feel like this.

There is also an Amazon building on the front of this building, in the middle of two buildings, in the back of the stairsMeeting rooms and buildings where events are heldthere is.

By the way, even at this current headquarters, the word "" has no noticeable part, and the surrounding people seem to hardly notice that this building is Amazon.

So, although it is Amazon that used unique buildings as headquarters for the past, Amazon is now in the midst of designing a new headquarters building now in Seattle to make the headquarters new again. Three buildings are scheduled to be built in three blocks (blocks) this time, but on September 25 one of the three, discussion on the design of "meeting center" built in block 14 and the material of the building It is said that it will be done. After that discussion, he is going to move to the construction process in earnest.

Three buildings will be built for each block as follows for the new Amazon headquarters.

Looking at the building from the whole of Seattle like this.

The view from the top is here.

The three buildings will be colorized as follows.

The place painted red in the above figure is bright orange.

Where I painted with green, I combine yellow and green.

And the part painted orange is normal building-like coloring.

A completed projection of a building built in Block 14 looks something like this.

Looking at it from another angle, it looks like this.

Between the building and the building there is a latticed roof, which is an open atmosphere.

And next to the skyscraper is the meeting center which is one of the agenda of September 25.

A state seen from another angle is here.

Furthermore, it looks like the whole building is seen from another angle.

Another block also has the following buildings. There is a lawn next to the building of the block 19.

Building of block 20.

In addition, it is unknown when it will be completed at this stage.

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