Toshiba announces "CELL REGZA" super high performance high definition television adopting "Cell processor", enabling simultaneous continuous recording of 8 channels

Toshiba uses Sony's stationary game machine "PS 3" and other "Cell processor"CELL REGZA" liquid crystal television adopted "CELL REGZA" was announced.

The processing speed of 143 times as compared with the conventional technology has been realized, "Super Resolution processing" for up-converting SD resolution movies etc. to high vision image quality has been further improved, and more than 26 hours of terrestrial digital broadcasting program By simultaneous continuous recording for up to 8 channels, you can enjoy programs you forget to watch anytime "Time shift machine"Various functions that we could not realize so far are carried.

Details are as below.
Toshiba: News Release (2009-10-05): World's First "Cell Broadband Engine" on High-Quality LCD TV "CELL REGZA 55 X 1" Available for Release

According to this release, Toshiba has adopted the world's first "CELL platform" equipped with "Cell Broadband Engine" as a new product of ground, BS, 110 degree CS digital high vision liquid crystal TV "REGZA series" from December It is said that they will release a 55-inch LCD TV "CELL REGZA 55X1". Price is an open price.

"CELL REGZA 55X1" realizes 143 times the computing capacity compared to the conventional REGZA series, improving the super-resolution processing compared with the conventional model, and that it is reproducing a higher-definition image about.

And since it has 'CELL platform' which can process multiple images in parallel, 14 digital tuners and terrestrial analog tuner, it simultaneously records up to 8 channels of terrestrial digital program for the past about 26 hours at the same time By doing so, you can enjoy various programs such as "Time Shift Machine" that you can enjoy programs you forget to watch at any time, as well as connecting two USB external HDDs at the same time and recording It is also possible.

This is "CELL REGZA 55X1".

Tuner part

In addition, by adopting a "mega LED panel" with a high-brightness LED backlight on the liquid crystal panel, we realized dynamic contrast of 1250 cd / m 2 or 5,000,000: 1 which is 2.5 times higher than the conventional, the industry's highest peak brightness In addition to that, it is possible to retrieve a search of a vast variety of recorded programs, currently broadcasting programs, and scheduled programs from the title, person, genre, and keywords of the program information, a newly developed new function "roaming Navi "is carried.

In addition, "CELL REGZA 55X1" has a 3 TB HDD, of which 2 TB is assigned for "time shift machine".

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