Equipment that communicates with "human body" instead of cable will be on sale, in the future video and music transmission will be

Although communication methods using cables such as USB and LAN are various, it became clear that devices that communicate directly with the human body are released without using cables.

It is said that in the future it will be able to respond to the transmission of video and music, but what kind of system is it?

Details are as below.
Alps Electric, human body communication module development: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

According to the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun news report, Alps Electric sells modules corresponding to "Electric Field Communication" which exchanges data using the human body as a transmission path in 2010.

This module transmits data by flowing a weak electrical signal to the electric field layer formed on the surface layer of the human body, so that a person wearing a device equipped with a module wears a similar device or a dedicated device It is said to communicate by touching.

And as the first product to be released, we expect to introduce models that support text and image transmission in anticipation of demand in hospitals and security applications where wireless communication can not be used, and it is possible to transmit video and music It seems to be a policy to develop higher-level models early.

By the way, according to the following release, a demonstration will be held at CEATEC JAPAN 2009, to be held from tomorrow, at the CEATEC JAPAN 2009 trade fair to be able to capture information and data held by external devices as information to user terminals such as mobile phones It is being done.

Alps Electric Press Release Announcement of Alps Electric "CEATEC JAPAN 2009" Exhibition

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