Sony lowers "PSP-3000", and purchase users of "PSP Go" will offer one free software of your choice

Sony has officially announced the price cut of the portable game machine "PSP - 3000".

In addition, it is said that a campaign will be launched to offer free 1 piece of favorite software to purchasers of "PSP Go", the latest model scheduled to be released in November.

Details are as below. (Japan) | Notice | PSP "Playstation Portable" (PSP - 3000) Series New Price

According to this release, Sony seems to reduce all seven colors of "PSP - 3000" currently on sale from October 1, from 19,800 yen to 16,800 yen.

Also, on the same day, based on the PSP-3000's piano · black based on the L / R button and the main body outer part and the ring part of the back of the main body is reminiscent of the automobile muffler (exhaust noise reducer) The PSP-3000 GRAN TURISMO Edition "that included the main body and the PSP version" Gran Turismo "was changed to 22,800 yen.

This is PSP-3000 of Gran Turismo specification

The contents of "PSP-3000 GRAN TURISMO Edition" looks like this

And according to the following release, it seems to carry out a campaign that allows users who purchase the new PSP "PSP Go" released on November 1 to download one of their favorite titles from 14 titles for free . (Japan) | Notice | "PSPgo Start Campaign" Started on Sunday, November 1, 2009

The titles to be eligible for free campaigns are as follows.

Crank & Ratchet Mystery Mission ☆ Ignition PSP the Best
Salvation salsal war strategy PSP the Best
Sarugecchu Piposar Racer PSP the Best
Jeanne d'Arc PSP the Best
Byte hell 2000 PSP the Best
PATAPON (Patapon) PSP the Best
Piposal Academy - A 2 Ai Ai Salge ~ Janken Battle! PSP the Best
Piposar Academy - A - Duskari Saruge - Daikaku Collection - PSP the Best
Popolocroise Story - Prince Pietro Adventure ~ PSP the Best
Everyone's GOLF portable PSP the Best
Everyone's GOLF Portable 2 PSP the Best
Infinite corridor PSP the Best
He is a brave man. PSP the Best
Ratchet & crank 5 crash! Mirimiri Corps of Dodeca Galaxy PSP the Best

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