Capcom, "Resident Evil 5" premium pack to PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively for limited sale

The latest series of popular series of survival horror games whose release has been decided on Thursday, March 5, 2009 "Resident Evil 5"Biohazard 5 premium limited box" which bundled PS3 which designed original logo and added 1 wireless controller, and "biohazard 5 premium pack" bundled with Xbox 360 standard model and headset were released It became clear that it was.

The price is 40,880 yen (including tax) of PS3 bundle version, and Xbox 360 enclosed version is 30,800 yen (tax included).

Details are as below.
PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Biohazard 5 Premium Limited BOX

"Resident Evil 5" is a survival horror game whose simultaneous release of PlayStation 3 version and Xbox 360 version is decided on Thursday, March 5, 2009, and it is a continuation of "Biohazard 4" as a story.

"PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Biohazard 5 Premium Limited BOX" is a limited product produced by Capcom, and the body of "Biohazard 5" software and PS 3 is packed. The PS3 main body is a special limited production model designed the original logo, and two wireless controllers are bundled. Since the price is 48,880 yen, it is bargain to think about buying the PS3 main body and soft, controller separately.

The Xbox 360 version includes Xbox 360 standard model and headset, "Resident Evil 5 Deluxe Edition" (game software, soundtrack CD, XboxLIVE 48 hour free trial gold membership card), "Biohazard 5" premium theme use code was bundledXbox 360 (R) Resident Evil 5 Premium PackAre prepared for you. This is limited quantity with 30,400 yen (tax included) here.

It is a bargain that those who are planning to buy at the same time as Resident Evil 5 do not have each main body yet are bundled with these hardware.

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