Xbox 360 Value Pack, which included "ACE COMBAT 6 Liberation Fight" and "Beautiful Katamari", released from November 6

Although it is Xbox 360 which is steadily expanding unit sales, from November 6 (Thurs)ACE COMBAT 6 War on liberation"When"Beautiful Katamari"Xbox 360 Value Pack that was shipped was revealed to be released.

As for the price as well as the Xbox 360 (standard) main body which is currently on sale, it is a tax included up to 19,800 yen, so it may be good news for those who are wondering whether to buy Xbox 360 or not.

Details are as below.
"Xbox 360 Value Pack" bundled two popular titles released on November 6 at a suggested retail price of 29,800 yen (tax included)

According to Microsoft, on November 6 (Thursday), as the "Xbox 360 Value Pack", the one packed with the Xbox 360 main body and the two "soft battle to ACE COMBAT 6 release" and "Beautiful Katamari" software for a limited time It seems that it was decided to sell it.

The price is the same as Xbox 360 (standard) which is currently on sale at 24,800 yen (including tax). People who say that they have stepped on a second step to buy software at the same time by necessarily going to the 30,000 yen range seems to have the option of buying a value pack for the time being and experiencing Xbox 360.

A total of 6 titles, "ACE COMBAT 6 Liberation to Liberation", "Beautiful Katamari", "Gundam Muso International", "Lost Odyssey", "PGR 4 - Project Gotham Racing 4 -" and "Assassin's Creed" are low as Platinum Collection It was also revealed that it will be offered at a price. The Gundam Musou is released on October 23, the other 5 titles are released the same November 6 as Value Pack.

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