The new color "Satin · Silver" appeared on PS 3, low price "PLAYSTATION 3 the Best" series also

Sony's PS3 began to show strong sales since the launch of the new model last year, but "Satin · Silver" appeared as a new color.

Also, you can enjoy popular titles at low prices "PLAYSTATION 3 the BestThe series will also be released.

Details are as follows. (Japan) | Notice | New Satin / Silver Appears in the PlayStation 3 and Peripherals

According to this release, Sony is to release satin silver as a new color on PS3 and vibration controller (DUALSHOCK 3) compliant wireless controller on March 6 th (Thursday). The price is the same as before, the same as 3,900 yen, the wireless controller is 5500 yen.

(PDF file)"PLAYSTATION 3 the Best" series released on sale
Offer hit title at new price
First release on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And according to this release, the following software will be released as "PLAYSTATION 3 the Best" series which can enjoy hit titles at low price from software released on PS3. The release date is March 19th (Wednesday), the price is 3800 yen including tax.

· FolksSoul - Lost lore -
· RESISTANCE (Resistance) ~ Day of the fall of humankind ~
· Mobile Suit Gundam Target in Sight
Ridge racer 7

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