Sony officially announces the new PS3, DUALSHOCK 3 etc. with the HDD capacity doubled, low power consumption

Yesterday at GIGAZINEA new type PS 3 will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show to be held from todayWe announced, but at last the presentation was officially made from Sony.

In addition to the HDD's 40GB to 80GB, the new PS3 comes with "DUALSHOCK 3" with the vibration function etc. It will be released on October 30th.

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Details are as follows.
Release of "PlayStation 3" (CECHL 00 series) equipped with 80 GB large capacity HDD and DUALSHOCKR 3 as a standard | Press Release | Sony Computer Entertainment

According to this release, Sony increased the built-in HDD from 40 GB to 80 GB from October 30 (Thursday), and the vibration controllers "DUALSHOCK 3" and "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec IIIIt seems to release the new PS3 that bundled the product. The price is 39,800 yen.

The main body color is clear line, Ceramic · White, Satin · Silver lineup. Also, the same October 30 released "Little Big Planet"And" DUALSHOCK 3 "was also included with" Little Big Planet Dream Box "also released at 49,980 yen.

And according to the new model release, the conventional 40 GB model will be revised to open price from October 10 (Friday), and the combination of "Little Big Planet" software alone and the wireless controller "DUALSHOCK 3" "Little Big Planet DUALSHOCK 3 Box version "will be released in limited quantities from October 30 at 7980 yen.

According to the following article, PS3 of the 80 GB model is reduced power consumption by about 6 watts when displaying XMB, and about 6 watts when playing "Metal Gear Solid 4" We have succeeded in reducing 25 watts.

PS 3 80 GB Core unit and 65 nm RSX GPU - Forums

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