A new PSP that became lighter and slim than before appeared in September

Previously British Sony executives,I mentioned about the release of lighter and slim PSP than beforeWe informed you that it was officially announced that a new PSP that was finally lighter and slimmer than before was released in Japan, North America, Europe in September.

Not only was the new PSP lightweight and slimmer but also made it easier to play games and features that were not included in previous models.

Details are as follows.
New PSP coming in September - Joystiq

According to this article, the new PSP is 33% lighter and 19% slimmer, while the liquid crystal and UMD are the same as the conventional model, but the battery life has been extended and the game loading time is It seems that it was shortened. Moreover, as a new function which was not included in the PSP of the conventional model, it is said that a function capable of outputting video on the TV screen is installed.

By the way, in addition to the main body color "Piano Black", entertainment enclosed with "Ice Silver" for entertainment pack and "Star Wars Battlefront" for PSP that included PSP software "Daxter" and 1 GB memory stick Three kinds of "White" for packs are prepared, and it seems that these two packs will be offered at $ 199.99 (about 25,000 yen). In addition, it seems that only "White" is released in October.

Where is the price when sold separately, is it the same price as before?

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