Paper craft of a pinhole camera that can be used with beautiful and unique design

These paper crafts of attractive looks that seem to be satisfied just by assembling and decorating can actually take pictures using commercially available 35 mm filmPinhole cameraIt can be downloaded free of charge. On a sunny day, it might be fun to go out with your own pinhole camera.

Details are as below.Corbis Readymech Cameras

The items necessary for camera creation are as follows:
■ Printer
■ Printing paper
■ Serial empty box (thin but firm paper is not passed through without light)
■ Razor blade (sharp edged knife with good sharpness)
■ Double-sided tape or nori
■ A thin needle for opening a pinhole
■ A small piece of empty cans such as aluminum foil or juice
■ 1 35mm film (if you haveISO 200)
■ 1 film case (available at a developer store)

At the moment five patterns of distinctive designs are distributed, each "Peyote"PabloIt is nice and nice to say. The design will be added in the future.

World Pinhole Camera Day Camera(Paper and instructions can be downloaded from the link "Download this camera (pdf)")



Dr. Livingstone

Photos of Your Mother

It seems like you can take a picture with any taste like this.

It can be developed in the same way as usual 35 mm film. ISO 200 is recommended for film.

It is best to take a picture outside on a sunny day. Open the shutter without exposing the camera, expose it, close the shutter, wind the film one turn.

Exposure time is 4 to 8 seconds in fine weather, 12 to 20 seconds in cloudy weather and 30 seconds to 3 minutes in indoor light.

If possible, if you ask the development store not to print out, you can do something interesting like this.

In addition, if there is only a gray and blurred image on the whole, the possibility of light leakage is high. It seems good to block the gap from the inside of the camera with black vinyl tape or the like.

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