What kind of pictures can be taken by attaching a microscope lens to a digital camera?

One day, when videographer Daniel Schweinert was enjoying taking pictures with a macro lens, he suddenly wondered what would happen if the objective lens of the microscope was attached to a digital camera. So Schweinert tried to take a picture by attaching the objective lens of the microscope to a digital camera, and introduced a series of records up to the picture on his blog.

Microscope lenses on Pocket 6K – SCHWEINERT.COM


When Schweinert searched Google for the idea of attaching an objective lens to a digital camera, he found other people who practiced it. However, it turns out that a special adapter is required to attach the lens, which takes four weeks from order to arrival.

Schweinert didn't want to wait four weeks, so he decided to make his own adapter with a 3D printer. Fortunately, a person with the same idea as Mr. Schweinert created and released the 3D CAD data of the adapter, and Mr. Schweinert said that he could easily create the adapter.

Schweinert attached the adapter to his own camera, the

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K , and set the objective lens.

The front image of a fly taken with a digital camera equipped with a microscope objective lens is as follows. Since it is a slightly grotesque image, only the thumbnails are mosaicked, and you can check the image without mosaic by clicking the image. Even if you take a picture as it is, you can take a fairly fine picture, but if you just attach the lens to the camera, the picture will be

eclipsed .

Schweinert has tried several close-up rings to remove keratin and finds that a size of 160mm is best. I attached this close-up ring to the camera and attached the macro focusing rail to the camera. In addition, this shoot requires a strong light source, so Schweinert illuminates the subject.

In addition, to avoid motion blur due to tremors, the shutter speed was reduced to 1/300, and photos taken using focus stacking software called Helicon Focus were digitally processed.

Below is an image of a fly taken with a camera equipped with an 8x objective lens and a 160mm close-up ring.

The photos taken with the

LAOWA 25mm macro lens prepared for comparison are as follows.

Also, the whole picture of the fly taken with the same 25mm macro lens is as follows.

Below is an image taken with an 8x objective lens and a 90mm close-up ring. This has caused eclipse.

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