"Spy Lens (Spy Lens)" to shoot objects in a direction different from what the camera is facing

Although you want to take a natural look, there are many people who have experienced that when you turn the camera, the subject is conscious of the camera and becomes unnatural. Strange lenses that could shoot a different direction than the one aiming at the camera may be useful at such times were sold.

Spy Lens at The Photojojo Store

This is a spy lens that can shoot the side of the camera.

In this way, it is used in a form to be worn on an ordinary lens. The spy lens is rotatable, it is possible to shoot not only right side but also 360 degrees in any direction.

The interior is a mirror surface, and it is a mechanism that can shoot something right beside. You can see that the left side is a spy lens and the adapter on the right side is visible. The price is 50 dollars to 55 dollars (about 3900 yen to 4300 yen, a price fluctuates depending on the type of adapter) with an adapter for attaching a spy lens to the lens currently used. Adapters can be selected from 7, 77 mm, 72 mm, 67 mm, 62 mm, 58 mm, 55 mm, 52 mm.

The movie below is taken of the spy lens actually being used.

Spy Lens at The Photojojo Store.flv - YouTube

First I installed a spy lens.

Standing next to what you want to take holds the camera.

An image taken from the state of the image above. A picture of the person drawing in the side of the photographer is reflected.

Shot next to grandma.

Natural facial expressions that are not conscious of the camera at all are taken. It is convenient when shooting a child, when shooting an extremely shy person, a street corner landscape etc.

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