"Photorito Lens Wrap" which can camouflage the camera lens like a burrito

Responding to the desire to store a large camera lens cutely, wrapped around the lens just wrap aroundBurito (burrito)A case that looks like it is "Photorito Lens Wrap".

Photorito Lens Wrap

Camera lens and Photorito Lens Wrap

It looks something like this when turned inside down, not being dirtytortillaIt reproduces the baked color of.

Wrapped around the lens.

It's like a lens looks like a burrito tool.

I tried it on a plate.

Buritto-like lens bag protruding from the bag.

By the way, it is an item which is sold as a genuine camera related product, not a neta image, and the price is 20 dollars (about 1500 yen). It seems likely that you misunderstand whether the lens is glaringly visible from this packet.

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