I bought "The f / 60 Lens Kitchen Timer" which is actually a kitchen timer although it has a lens-like appearance of the camera

Although it is an appearance imitating an interchangeable lens for a single-eye camera, playful full-good goods that will notify you by sounding "jiririri" at the set time comes as "The f / 60 Lens Kitchen Timer(Lens kitchen timer) ".

It is in a transparent package.

Taking out it looks like this. Although it is slightly small, when looking from afar, it looks like a real lens.


Looking up the letters written on the surface looks like this.

The switch between AF and MF looks quite genuine.

Since the irregularities imitating the focus ring are attached to the side, it seems to slip even if you touch it with a wet hand etc. during cooking.

Looking side by side with real lens (left) like this.

Turn upside down and turn the dial located in the butt part to set the time. The maximum time you can set the timer is about 60 minutes.

What is the operating sound of "ticking" and the sound of "jiriririri" and the bell ringing? Please check it with the following movie.

"The f / 60 Lens Kitchen Timer (Lens kitchen timer)" tried - YouTube

When I actually used it, it is not suitable for people who want to accurately measure accurately 3 minutes accurately, the time until the timer sounds because the mainspring type which does not use batteries is large is not suitable, but even if there are some misalignment Recommended for those who want to choose an emphasis and playful timer.

The "f / 60 Lens Kitchen Timer" can be purchased from the Photojojo Store in the US, the price is 14 dollars (around 1120 yen), the shipping fee to Japan is 13.55 dollars (around 1084 yen )is.

The f / 60 Lens Kitchen Timer

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