Pen "Color Picker Pen" which composes ink by color read by sensor and produces it

When using a pen, it is necessary to prepare a separate pen such as a red ink pen when red is necessary, a black pen when a black color is required, but a color is read by a sensor, and an ink There seems to be a pen that can synthesize various colors.

This pen is not actually sold in the concept model, but if it is put to practical use, it may be enough for this pen to be sufficient.

Details are from the following.
Color picker pen by jinsu park

This is "Color Picker Pen". If you let the sensor at the tip of the pen read the color, the color of the main display will change to the color read by the sensor.

When it actually writes it is the same color as the color displayed on the display.

The mechanism is like this. When bringing the sensor at the tip part closer to the substance and pressing "Color Scan Botton", color reading starts and the color which is read is displayed in "Color Display". The pen contains inks of three primary colors of red, blue and green, and it is possible to create various colors by combining inks.

For example, if the sensor is brought close to the apples and the button is pressed, the display turns red,

When I write it, the same red color as the color read by the sensor appears.

It seems that time is still necessary to put it into practical use in the concept model invented by Korean designer jinsu park.

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