"SOTEC (Sotec)" brand, famous for cheap PC etc., is going to disappear

In the latter half of the 1990s I bought a world of low-priced desktop PCs etc.SOTEC (Sotec)"It is clear that the brand will disappear.

Details are as below.
Onkyo, the PC brand also "onkyo"

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, "Onkyo (ONKYO)", an audio equipment maker that turned Sotec into a subsidiary in 2007, is said to change the brand of personal computer products from "SOTEC" to "Onkyo".

This is aimed at incorporating consumers who emphasize tone quality by establishing high performance of speaker performance and music reproduction ability by integrating it into "Onkyo" brand of high-profile audio equipment, and by sound technology The company said it will aim for expansion of market share, which is currently only a few percent, by increasing added value.

Furthermore, it is said that the brand name change will be done according to the release of Microsoft's latest OS "Windows 7" scheduled for October 22.

By the way, I confirmed the page of the upgrade campaign to "Windows 7" linked from SOTEC official website, "Onkyo Windows 7 Upgrade Upgrade Campaign"Or"Windows recommended by Onkyo."On the other hand," Onkyo "is extruded to the front instead of SOTEC.

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