Since I collected 1000 points with Mr. Donuts, I got a new "barking Pon de Lion" to exchange it

In the mist"Chocolat French" and "Froky Shoe"I bought and ate it, the point card at hand got 998 points. Speaking of things that use the most points in prizes that can be gotten by mistled points is the Pon de Lion stuffed toy used 1000 points.Lion who got it beforeCompared with the model changed the current lion stuffed dolls seems to be barking (the name is "barking pon de lion"), so I decided to exchange points as soon as possible.

Details are as below.
A card that exceeds 1000 points. With this you get a Pon de Lion ...!

I thought it to take it to the cashier, but the clerk started writing something.

If you check the info magazine that is distributed at the store ......

It seems that Pon de Lion (large) came to be delivered to home by courier instead of store exchange.

This postcard was handed over instead of Pon de Lion.

According to the explanation, after becoming a mailing member of a misdoclub, fill out this postcard and send it within 7 days after using 1000 points.

The shop clerk who wrote it was kore. A receipt has already been pasted.

1000 points use, the rest one point.

There is a feeling that I got a little shoulder watermark, so I'd like to post a postcard and wait for the arrival of 'Barking Pon de Lion (Large)'.

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Unlike past Pon de Lion, "Barking Pon de Lion" arrives

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