I tried hard to get Mr. Donut 's Pon de Lion (Large)

Mr. Donuts has been doing campaigns to receive dishes with scratch cards for a long time or to be discounted, but the characteristic point is the "point card" system which is not so common in other fast food shops. Three points are added at 100 yen, and various premium goods can be obtained depending on the points collected. The thing that needs the most points is the goods which you can get at 1000 points, now "Wajima coat pair chopsticks", "Tsugaru Bibari", and "Plush toy (large)" correspond to the special goods.

This stuffed doll is quite big and I wanted it for a moment. Suddenly, I looked at the point card at hand, 579 points on September 25th. How long is the expiration date of September 30 ... ... only five more days. In this way you must endure with a stuffed animal (small). So, in order to get a stuffed animal (large) somehow I tried hard and decided to try a donut - covered life.

So, the road to Pon de lion (Large), Photo & Movie Report is from below.
Misdo Club | Mister Donut

Calculating it is 3 points with 100 yen, so if you buy about 14,000 yen, you can fill the remaining 421 points.

If you buy anything I will try to complete all kinds of complete

I will take it to the cashier

From 579 points to 816 points

From 816 points to 939 points

939 points at this point, a bit more

939 points to 981 points

From 981 points to 1005 points

Succeeded 1000 points! It is!

Indeed it was achieved around three stores

Finally the hand reaches Pon de lion (Large), feelingless and in time

1000 points consumed point at a stretch for exchange

Pon de lion (Large) has appeared, I'm face to face

Donuts brought home and Pon de Lion (Large)


I tried loading


As soon as I opened it was filled with sweet smell

So, at this point it was discovered that there were two more boxes that the store had forgotten to give to such a large amount of money, it came back to pick up promptly

With memo

I put it side by side.

Types for 3 donut shops

There are many

It was hard to line up

Somehow like a donut buffet

Indeed it was impossible to eat all of them here, so we decided to take everything in the box and take them home

It does not stop ... ...

And at last the announcement of Pon de Lion (Large)

It is unopened goods

A description was included

Pon de lion (large), advent

It's fluffy.

I saw it from behind.

Label also has a pon de lion

I tried to remove it.

this is……

Something is out but Kinishinai

Sorrowful drift

I tried to compare the size with the real monsters, pretty big

So, Pon de lion (Large) is now in the editorial department of GIGAZINE. Because the texture is very good, the degree of reproduction is quite high. I wish I would like a huge 1 meter class "oversized".

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