Toshiba, which entered the Blu-ray business, is developing a "next generation television" using a new flash memory

Toshiba which ended the HD DVD business last March, in AugustAnnouncing that it will enter the Blu-ray business within this yearAlthough it is remembrance to the memory, it became clear that the next generation TV is under development.

Toshiba is offering the recording function to USB external type HDD mainly on the high-end model of liquid crystal television "REGZA", but what kind of next generation television is being developed at all?

Details are as below.
【Drama · Company offense】 Toshiba, humiliating Blu-ray entry Revenge on next-generation television (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei News

According to the Sankei Shimbun news report, Toshiba seems to intend to introduce the Blu-ray player in November in the USA as the first entry into the Blu-ray market, and then to introduce it in Europe and Japan in the meantime.

In the background of entry, it is said that there was a thrust from the sales site receiving Toshiba user's voice that they want Blu - ray products to be issued, and in response to the growth of the Blu - ray market, initially the resistance to entry A sales department that had had sales department revealed by stakeholders this year that it stuck to the upper part as "It is risky not to emit Blu-ray".

For this reason Toshiba decided to enter the Blu-ray business, but it is said that it is undertaking the development of "next-generation television" aiming at getting out of next-generation DVD such as Blu-ray and HD DVD .

The next-generation television that is currently under development is to insert a recording medium "SSD" using flash memory into the main body of the TV, which will not only make the recorder unnecessary but also have a synergistic effect with Toshiba's flash memory business etc. It is expected.

Although it is an SSD that can not deny the feeling of getting close to HDD with cost performance, it is possible to record it by inserting it in a television and acceptance of the merit that merits that thinning of the main body becomes possible than installing the HDD I feel that it is the key to be able to be ... This is ....

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