The new PS 3 finally launched overseas, a long line that can be purchased appears

"Gundam Senki"Or"From 428 to the blocked Shibuya ~In order to match the release date of powerful software such as "Thin and cheaper new PS3Will be released on Thursday, September 3 in Japan, but will be released on September 1st in foreign countries today.

And due to the time difference, Western countries have been launched in Asia against the Western countries which have not been on sale at the moment, so it seems that a long line seems to be requested for the new PS 3.

Details are as below.
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A sign that tells you that PS3 will be released on September 1. Countdown is being done next door. By the way, Hong Kong

And this is a long line that seeks PS3. How far are they lined up ...

Initially even when PS 3 was released long lines were madeBut, is there still a big influence on the price reduction of the main body price as a background to this much matrix? Finally, as there is a feeling of getting into the popular price zone, the future trend is anxious.

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