Legendary cybersphere anime "serial experiments lain" coming to Blu-ray

"serial experiments lain" is one of the early cyber-punk anime in 1998. Radically depicting coming cybersphere the anime earned a cult following, along with famous Ghost in the Shell franchise.

11 years from the first airing, "lain" producer revealed on his blog that the anime is now coming on Blu-ray.

Read on for detail.

serial experiments lain Blu-ray LABO Producer Logbook

According to the blog, "lain" producer Kazuyuki Ueda of Geneon Entertainment launched the reproduction project on strong request of Tetsuro Satomi of Barnum Laboratory. But the past 11 years seemed have caused some trouble to raw videos. Not to disappoint fans, he told on his blog like this:

Fortunately, film part is in decent condition. All films to be converted to HD video and digitally re-mastered. It wiill be fine.

But, only half of four digital part is left. Honestly, backup for a couple dozen cuts were destructed by me, myself. It's all my fault.

And also raw materials processed in cutting-room are not left. We only have Digital Beta Cam master for them.

Anyway, it's great to see noise-less image of BD. Hope there will be more Blu-ray adaption of other great pieces.

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