Four types of local pizza "Quattro Walker" co-developed by "Walker" magazine of 4 big cities Taste review

Kadokawa Shoten as a city information magazineHokkaido Walker,Tokyo Walker,Yokohama Walker,Tokai Walker,Kansai Walker,Fukuoka Walker,Kyushu WalkerWe issue 7 kinds of. This time, the local pizza "Quattro Walker" jointly developed by four magazines of Hokkaido Walker, Tokai Walker, Kansai Walker, Fukuoka Walker was released from Domino Pizza, so I ordered it immediately.

Details are as below.
宅配ピザのドミノ・ピザ <ご当地満喫!クワトロ・ウォーカーの詳しい情報>

Pizza of Hokka Hoka arrives from Domino Pizza.

Pizza is "Hokkaido Autumn Salmon Pizza" of Hokkaido Walker, Tokai Walker's "Red Miso Tailored Pizza of Nagoya Cochin", Fukuoka Walker's "Yodon pepper in Hakata area", Kansai Walker's "Kobe Nagata Beef Bubba Pizza "four kinds.

I arranged them in the same order as flyers. I understand that it is roughly different from the picture image.

First of all, Hokkaido autumn salmon pizza.

I use a white sauce, it feels like white stew with shake and scallops.

However, as the umami of the sauce disappears when things get cold, things like smells peculiar to fish and shellfish come out, so it is better to eat it in azu.

Nagoya Cochin's red miso-tailored pizza.

Nagoya Cochin which is finished in red miso flavor on the eggplant is on board.

I did not know whether the bird was Nagoya Cochin, but it was sweet redness and its compatibility with its taste and cheese was surprisingly good and was easy to eat.

Yuzu pepper with a rice cracker.

The appearance is simple.

Meat is more delicious than Nagoya Cochin, but the flavor of yuzu pepper is attached quite intensely, and its salty tends to become tiring as it becomes later.

The end is "Kobe Nagata Beef Slag Pizza".

What is "Blur"?Boiled beef straw and konnyaku sweetlyIt seems that they are topped with curry, ramen, udon and so on.

Sweet taste of blending and sauces of pizza are preeminent compatibility. However, as the gelatine of the cow streaks solidifies as it gets cold, it is better to eat this too hotly.

If you are going to eat 2 to 3 people, you might as well as ask you not to ask for four different types one by one, so that you can eat hotly.

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