NEC, Hitachi and Casio to integrate mobile phone business, to compete with top sharp

It was revealed that NEC, Hitachi and Casio Computer are considering integrating mobile phone business.

Hitachi and Casio have already developed as a joint venture to develop and supply mobile phones of brands of both companies from April 1, 2004Casio Hitachi Mobile CommunicationsIn addition to launching Softbank MobileDevelopment and production of Casio terminal is done by NECCooperation is being carried out at each company, such as collaboration, etc. Is there an intention to combat other companies by development ability and production scale by integrating?

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According to the Yomiuri Shimbun news report, while the development cost of mobile phones continues to soar and development cost per unit is said to be 10 billion yen, three companies, NEC, Hitachi and Casio, It seems that it has entered adjustment in the direction to integrate business.

When the integration is realized, the share of domestic sales volume is 21% (NEC 12%, Casio 5%, Hitachi 4%), so we are currently second to the top (17%) Panasonic and lead the leaders It is said that it will be thin to Sharp (22%).

In addition, the integration will be discussed by NEC's spin-off of mobile phone business, planned to merge with Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications established in 2004, and will also consider the integration of the production divisions of the three companies. It is said that the investment ratio of the new company will be over 50% by NEC.

When this integration is realized, we are jointly developing NEC and NTT DoCoMo's FOMA terminal, etc. What about the relationship with Panasonic that Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications was engaged in developing terminals for KDDI?

Also, I am concerned about whether Casio and Hitachi terminals will be released for NTT DoCoMo or Softbank Mobile, or NEC terminals will be released for KDDI.

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According to the release announced by NEC and Hitachi, Casio on September 14, it is said that in April 2010 they agreed to integrate the mobile phone terminal business of each company and operate as a joint venture.

The new company name is "NEC Casio Mobile CommunicationsAt the beginning of the joint venture, NEC's share of 66.00%, Casio Computer 17.34%, Hitachi, 16.66%, plans to increase capital by June 2010, The ratio is said to be 70.74% by NEC, 20.00% by Casio Computer, 9.26% by Hitachi.

NEC's mobile phone handset business and Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications business integration (September 14, 2009): Press Release | NEC

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